Program ERASMUS+ KA2  Nr. 2018-1-PL01-KA229-050555_5


The project is built on the idea that students will exchange information, opinions and impressions, will come in contact with each other; learn about each other's country, culture and problems. The exchanges represent an international forum which will enable students to discuss matters of great importance, to learn new things from one another, to participate in formal debates with a view to reaching solutions to these problems.


The objectives of the project are:


  •  To develop students' critical thinking, leadership, communication and social skills.
  •  To make students get more involved in the community life - to lay the basis for students' autonomy in thinking and action.
  • To promote European values - tolerance, respect, democracy, active citizenship.
  •  To promote intercultural learning.
  •  To facilitate the exchange of ideas and the cooperation between European students.
  • Intangible results refer to the acquisitions and development of the actors involved.


Students will:


  •  Develop autonomy and critical thinking.
  •  Be aware of their rights, duties and their power to decide for themselves.
  •  Get involved in the community life.
  •  Become important social actors in their communities, active citizens.
  •  Continue cooperation with European peers through the online platform (share films, news reports, initiate discussions etc.)
  •  Become more motivated and improve their school performance.
  •  Become aware of European democratic values.
  •  Become more self-confident.



About the project

On the short term, the project will improve social dialogue, the relationship with local bodies. They will acquire the methodology they need to apply in order to organize themselves in associations or youth organizations with a role in their community. On the medium and long term, students will cooperate with NGOs, participate actively in their community life, and initiate social campaign and projects, become well equipped as European citizens.